Monday, January 09, 2006

Women's Chorale begins

Women's Chorale started today and I'm quite proud to be the director of this group. They are sharp women - a diversity of majors - with wonderful singing talents.

For those women, here is the link to Toni's blog that I found that was the source of the story today.

As I said, it was pretty funny. Here is my "outing" of Toni and her blog.

Here is one way I'm notified of what happens in blogs (PubSub)and here is another (Google blog search). So watch out . . . if you want to express some displeasure towards me . . . pick a code name!

It's going to be a GREAT semester for UAB Choirs.

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ms. mimi said...

after our long discussion today, in our first meeeting back from break (you remember - our Women's Chorale class in which we did not even sing today - yet still met 'almost' the ENTIRE time) ~ well i've thought about it. you should use cope's hawaiian name if you're going to continue to say wonderful things about him online where things are public and people have nothing better to do than google their name! HA!! i'll give you the hawaiian code name in class.