Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lauren Loves Gospel Singing

And we love Lauren. And we'll miss her.

A portion of her review of the trip here from her blog:

It was a wonderful 10 hour bus ride up and 10 more wonderful hours back - a ride which included everything from naps and movies, to religious discussions and truth or dare. oh yeah and who can forget that lovely southern gospel blasting from the front with added bass slides which got pretty mundane after hearing them for the umpteenth time.
Lauren travels to Chile on Monday. We will miss her incredible voice in choir--but we'll miss her wonderful spirit more. Bon voyage, girl, and be safe.


Clayton said...

Im really going to miss her. She better come back to us safe and sound. Our prayers are with you Lauren!

Lauren Davidson said...

haha thanks so much for that wonderful photo copeland...i'm so glad that everyone can remember me that way. and i'll miss you all so much while i'm gone! i hope to hear great things, and i'll be a daily checker of the blog. thanks for finally putting my link on here haha it'll be primarily for chile updates so if anyone wants to know what's going on with me while i'm gone just check it out. i love you all! thanks for a great trip to WV and best of luck for the rest of the semester!