Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Travelin' Light

Found this site today, hope to remember it the next time we head to Europe . . . packing in one bag. Is it possible?


Meredith said...

pff...thats nonsense. every woman has to have one bag of clothes, one for shoes, and one for bath stuff.

just kidding. except for the nonsense part.

Clayton said...

As a Boy Scout, I have known how to travel light for a long time. I only took a small backpack to West VA plus my computer case.

... i miss choir.


delia said...

i agree with meredith, i bring three bags when i come for the weekend (one shoes, one bath, one clothes) its like an unwritten rule!!!

and clay, i miss choir too!!!

Marybeth Verchot said...

My problem is that I don't have anything BUT a bookbag to pack with right now. That's going to need to change before May, I think.

I'm not taking my guitar to New York, although I kind of wish I was. Maybe I'll take my smaller one.