Friday, March 31, 2006

The Deer in Front of the School

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I visited Buckhorn HS the other day and found this deer in front of the school. It seems that, in a somewhat controversial move, the senior class donated this ceramic deer to the school in honor of this tradition, quoted a bit here. A closeup of the deer is here.

The way Buckhorn High School came by its name is a classical story with many variations and a few authentic facts. The most likely story is as follows: The old Buckhorn Tavern stood in the triangle formed by the old Winchester road, now New Market Pike, and the Deposit road. Buckhorn Tavern was one of the oldest in the country and a popular stagecoach stop, dating back to the days when it was a part of the Mississippi Territory. Andrew Jackson was often a visitor and a guest of the old tavern. We are told that a deer was killed by a young man, William L. Fanning. The horns were hung in the tavern and remained there until it was closed. Until this time the tavern had not been named. The natives and travelers who stopped by for refreshment at this wayside inn began calling it Buckhorn. Because of popular approval, the new high school erected on this site was named Buckhorn High School, The Fanning family gave the horns to the school. They have been mounted and now hang in the office of the principal.


Clayton said...

Now my computer screen has a big whole in it... I tried to shoot the deer...

Has a week without Charles dampened my usually sarcastic and untimely humor?

Anonymous said...

man thats ghetto