Sunday, March 19, 2006

the scream

the scream
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This is one of my favorite photos from a choir tour. It was with the University of Mississippi and we were on some trip through a salt mine (or something). No one knew that we were headed down a slide at the end of the "ride."

If you can't see the second woman's face clearly, click here for a better look. It's hilarious.

(Dee, if you ever see this, forgive me.)


Raul V said...

kinda looks like that picture of Holly singing!

Patrick said...

You wrong for that!

Katie Mo said...

I wish everyone could have heard Chris read Patrick's comment aloud, it was DEAD ON and so scary! I actually had to stand up and look around for Patrick.

Katie Mo said...

we have choir all three days this week, right?

Alex & Laura Beth said...

Oh man! I totally forgot about that! Thanks for the memory, Dr. Copeland!

Raul V said...

Holly and Patrick, I love you's peoples.