Thursday, March 09, 2006

Barry Manilow is in concert tonight. I know you've been dying to know that and I'm watching a bit of it now.

Barry seems to have had so much plastic surgery that he can't open his mouth very wide anymore.

He doesn't blink that often, either.

It seems to be a public TV fundraising concert.

If you get a chance, catch the show--or a little of it.

I used to like Barry but I think he's over the hill now. (sigh) Another one seems to have bitten the dust.


Sam said...

It's ok...I like over the hill people....I like you...Ha ha Jk Jk. You're barely 20 right? I'm totally kidding Dr. C. I don't even know how old you are. I'm 18, ok now I told you mine. You tell me yours.

Philip L. Copeland said...


Marybeth Verchot said...

It's the man version of Cher!

Sam said...

I don't get it.

Josh Noland said...

He's saying that he's 39. 2*Sam means 2 times Sam which would be 36 +3. Therefore he's 39. Or at least that's the way I understood it.