Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wonderful words: Magnificent! Polished! Powerful!

Dale Peterson, Minister of Music/Composer in Residence at Auburn First Baptist Church sent this wonderful email to me and the UAB Choir today. He kindly gave permission for me to share it with you.

Dear Philip,

I intended to send this note sooner, but alas! the demands of work prevented it. I want to convey to you and the members of the UAB Concert Choir that the recent performance at the ACDA convention in WV was absolutely magnificent! Polished! Powerful! The audience agreed with me.

And we both know ACDA audiences are very difficult to please and impress. But that is exactly what the choir did!

Everything relating to the concert (literature and execution) was outstanding! It was one of those few times when I was actually proud to be an Alabamian! My best to you and the members of the Concert Choir!

Again BRAVO!


Dale Peterson

Minister of Music/Composer in Residence
Auburn First Baptist Church

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Luke's Blog said...

Wow! I used to volunteer at that church and teach local hispanic workers how to speak english. Auburn was my location for two years which prevented me from singing with the choir at UAB. Although I do still hold allegiance to the Auburn football team (War Eagle!), I am utterly grateful that my life led me back to Birmingham, so I could sing with a choir as well respected, admired, appreciated, understood, and enjoyed by so many people such as the director of this church! Nice comments from him. Go Blazers too. (as to not be disrespectful)