Saturday, March 18, 2006

MP3's of Recording Session March 15

Cantate Domino from Due motetti
Sándor Szokolay b. 1931

Ave Maris Stella
Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)

When I Bring #1 from "When I . . . "
Vytautas Miśkinis b.1954

When I Sing from "When I . . . "
Vytautas Miśkinis b.1954

When I Bring #2 from "When I . . . "
Vytautas Miśkinis b.1954

Over Hill, Over Dale
Four Shakespeare Songs (1984)
Jaakko Mäntyjärvi b. 1963

Kondairaren Ihauterian: Dantza
Javier Busto b. 1949

Note: These are MP3's that I made from my meager audio equipment at home. I'll be submitting this DAT to our studio guy for a more professional production. The singing, however, is superb.


Lauren Davidson said...

so are you actually going to make a CD of this stuff? in my 3 years here you've never actually given us CD's...i have to get them on the black market (AKA from Nick)

Lauren Davidson said... are my comments after listening - i figure i'll put them here cause you guys will get to discuss them in class but i won't

Cantate - sounds great!

Ave - i think we blended really well on that one...i couldn't hear any breaks within each section which surprised me (cause i know i take breaths at random places in that song, so other people probably do too)

When i bring 1 - i thought it was a little difficult to understand what we were saying

when i sing - could have been sounded a little lazy to me

when i bring 2 - WOW AWESOME minus the fact that it jumped and skipped 'of the flowers' and there were some weird breaks elsewhere...maybe a technical glitch?

over hill over dale - i like the tempo! it sounded great

Kondairaren - this one just sounds weird without Ur in front of it... and i think the alto/bass part of Kantare Dantzare in the first section could be a little more intense, it sounded kinda wimpy

alright that's all i have to say...if i come up with anything else i guess i just add a 3rd comment :)

thanks for letting me record with you guys! it was great to be back in the choir

Debbie Movelle said...

I gotta have a copy!

Raul V said...

you can tell Lauren has some extra time!

um... the recordings are good. I'm no fan of recording because I like things perfect but good job with the equipment/personel.

Different people than ever before stuck out in the recordings, thats kinda weird.

thats all

Keith said...

When I listened to Ave Maris Stella, I burst out crying because I realized that in that one song were a few moments in my life that I will never forget . . . something that only happens once and has come and gone. It is a bitter-sweet feeling to know that I was a part of it and I want to thank each one of you for being there with me and helping me write on a page of my life a beautiful experience I will never forget . . . ever.