Monday, March 20, 2006

All Three Days

I know Spring Break is coming up, but we have choir all three days this week.

Don't miss Keith's final two blogs. Can he really be leaving the blogging world? I think he's talking about us:
I was once a part of something larger than myself or anything I ever knew and I loved it. I was in a choir and there I learned what music truly means.
Titles of Keith's last four posts:
  1. So Now I'm Going to Hell
  2. Farewell to B-A-R-B
  3. A Final Post
  4. A Final Thought
That does it. I'm putting that guy on suicide watch.

1 comment:

Keith said...

No frets. I'm just lamenting the ever creeping thought that this is my last semester in choir, college, etc. I had never really heard the entire choir sing the Ave Maris and it really moved me. I guess it is like reading a good book and being reluctant to read the last few pages because you are not ready to put it down.