Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring Break

Lauren suggested that I place myself under the "PEOPLE THAT RARELY BLOG" category on the right. I guess that's fair, since it has been a week!

It's also a little ironic, though, 'cause she hasn't posted in 10 days . . compared to my 7. She might want to remember words like these . . . ouch this one really hurts.

At any rate, it's been a good break for me but a busy one. I've been busy recruiting singers from other schools and have really had alot of fun meeting new people.

Places I've been lately:

Albertville High School
Oxford High School (AL)
Alexandria HS
Emma Sansom HS
Hazel Green HS
Buckhorn HS

I'm hoping to hit a couple more over the next two days. There are great singers everywhere in this state. I'm hoping to add superb quality to our ranks. Next year looks great, the year after looks absolutely fantastic. I'm quite excited about what lies ahead.

Enjoy your break, the Mozart awaits us. And then, New York, for the group that is going.

And then . . . summer.


Brian said...

I will be there not next year, but the year after next. I can't wait!!

Lauren Davidson said...

point taken big T... but considering the fact that you post just about everyday if not more and i pretty much only was using my blog to update while i was in Chile (which i'm not anymore) i don't think it's really that big of a deal...and let's just call it even hehe if you're ever going to a school up here lemme know and maybe i'll join you!