Monday, January 15, 2007

Ah, Christmas Money

Today was the day I spent that Christmas money:

I'm hoping the 80 g will hold it all.


Nick said...

tis truly a great gift...i have LOST, MONK,SLIDERS,and Choir on mine...nerd vision at its finest...on a 4x4 screen:)

delia said...

so are your thinking about selling your other one?

John Cosby said...

I just got a U2 iPod for my birthday... stylin', man.

Of course 80GB won't hold it all... but it's good for playlists... you know... "All Ole Miss Concert Singers Recordings"... "All UAB Choir recordings"... "All former classmates' bands/orchestras/operas recordings"

Of course, I'm wasting mine on junk... Seal, Alan Parsons, The Beatles, Coldplay... public pablum :)

Gregory said...

I have a pretty intense collection and I'm tapped out right now at 60 GB. I think you'll be ok with audio. I don't know what you do with TV shows, etc.