Monday, January 01, 2007

Reviewing 2006

It seems appropriate to review the past year for the choir as we look forward to 2007. It might be said that 2006 was full of notable achievements for the choir:
  • Participation in the ASO's Martin Luther King recognition with "If I can help somebody."
  • Concert Performance at Southern Division ACDA (West Virginia)
  • Joint Concert with Birmingham Concert Chorale in Mozart's "Solemn Vespers."
  • New York trip and performance at Carnegie Hall
  • Bach's "Singet"
  • New organization of Women's Choir and Men's choir. (perhaps better described as a new "approach" to Women's Choir and Men's Choir.)
  • Outstanding performance at Alabama Collegiate Choral Festival.
  • Best "Christmas at the Alys" since I've been here.
Congrats and thanks to all who work so hard to make our choir great.

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