Sunday, January 28, 2007

Libera and "Going Home"

Composer Amy Scurria pointed me (and the rest of the choral world) to a recording she heard on NPR today, "Coming Home" by Anton Dvorak by the choral group Libera. I had never heard of the choir before, but they have quite a few recordings.

It is a particularly angelic recording that she pointed out, and I will be looking it up later.


Fussell said...

I have two of their CDs which are my favorite. they are amazing!

Raul V said...

I have two as well. Their best song is the Ave Maria based on Caccini's on their second alblum, Luminosa.Great Solo!

Anonymous said...

They are amazing, I have a few of their CD's. I want to see them live in Concert next.

Anonymous said...

Michael Horncastle sung 'Going Home' on the Angel Voices CD, but I went to a concert recently, and Josh lead the solo for this song, and Mini-Ben supported it. It was amazingly beautiful. These boys are amazing live.

Anonymous said...

Yes, these boys are stunning in concert. I have seen them 3 times in 2007. Simply amazing.
They have a new CD and DVD out soon, between October and December 2007 of their live concert recorded over 2 days in Holland.
The CD and DVD is called:

Angel Voices: Libera in Concert.