Thursday, January 04, 2007

Black Sheep

If someone can find the official story behind this song, let me know.

Recordings for you to embrace:

First Choir
Second Choir

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Anonymous said...

my comments...

choir 1 - i love the way they say "valley." it's more like vfahley.

choir 2 - not a huge fan of the straight-tone approach. lacked meter i thought. loved the solo though. must have a solo.

i heart this song mucho!

~lindsey harrison

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the old gospel "Little Black Sheep"


Philip L. Copeland said...

I'm impressed, Mitch. Did you have pre-existing knowledge on that or did you look it up?

Anonymous said...

It's from Cabin in the Sky. I have copies of it and Song of the South somewhere.

It's been a while since I've seen Cabin...but I do remember the song from it so I searched for it on YouTube.

ryan said...

these are really good pieces..
bring them back, maybe?