Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Versions of Old Recordings

I discovered how to amplify some old recordings of ours. This is from May 4, 2005:

Alleluja (Karai)

Mate Saule
He's Got the Whole World
I Thank You Jesus

How to download mp3 files in firefox browser (scroll down about halfway down the page to view how to do it in advanced options). Basically, you go to Tools, then Options, then select the CONTENT tab. Then, pick "manage file types" and then choose "save to disk" rather than "open in Quicktime" or whatever you have.

For Internet Explorer, try this:

You might also try opening up the Windows Explorer

1. Go to Tools / Folder Options / File Types
2. Scroll down to the file Extension want to change
3. Click on the Advanced button
4. Check Confirm after download


Lauren Davidson said...

so i don't know if it's the recordings or my computer but each song stops like every 2 seconds...

Philip L. Copeland said...

Set your browser to download MP3 files instead of play them. My website isn't meant to stream audio. (it will be in the options portion of your browser)

manprano said...

3rd VEEEEEERY respectful insight.


All of these pieces breathe very beautifully under your baton. The Karai Alleluia was a miracle. Nothing short. Well done and bravi all around. There were moments when you really sat down into the dissonance, and those moments were appreciated very much.

Every pandiatonic tone cluster in the Mate Saule was audible, in-tune, wonderful.

The Psalm was wonderful, of course in a 20th century polyphonic way, which I've always respected in that piece.

He's got the Whole World and I thank You Jesus are crowd pleasers, certainly. For me? Meh, but what do I know?...

Many many high accolades to your choir, which sings with miraculous intonation. If these are multiple cuts, well done for holding a sense of unity in the session, if they are single edits, I have no words!

I know I am committing high blasphemy by saying this among those who have their loyalties (I have none, save to excellent music), but this choir is superior to my own undergraduate alma mater. It is my opinion that you have exceeded your master in phrasing and genuine musicality. My congratulations to you.

But to any member of this choir who comes to read these comments, my sincere, heartfelt adulation! Well done! Well sung! You are truly a part of something very musically special in America. In GD-Alabama no less. Bravi tutti.