Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sing in Choir: Be Happier, Healthier, more ALERT

A great post from another blog:

When our voices blend and merge into one glorious sound, our egos dissolve too into a sense of oneness. Singing with others is a humbling experience: no voice should stand out from any other.

A survey (for the Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health) found that, of the choral singers questioned:

* 93 per cent said that singing made their mood more positive
* 89 per cent reported feeling happier;
* 79 per cent said it helped to reduce stress
* 78 per cent felt calmer.
* 74 per cent were more energetic
* 76 per cent more awake and alert.
* 74 per cent agreed that singing was “good for the soul”


mbverch said...

My favorite rehearsals/performances are definitely when this happens. I really enjoy my church job because of this; even though we're not a choir of trained musicians singing eight-part music, everybody sings it with love, and it's pretty easy to get that feeling of unity with the right piece on Sunday mornings, especially with the orchestra. : ) Nunc made me feel that way several times this year.

And I have to say that on the picture-thingy to the left, that is probably the worst picture of me ever taken and I don't even remember having it taken.

Katie Mo said...

obviously, the people surveyed weren't learning Verdi :)