Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Happy Ending

The Brahms Requiem:

1. I'm glad we did it and that you all had the experience of another major choral orchestral work.

2. I'm glad it's over.

3. We've done several of the greats over the past three years:

2008 Brahms Requiem
2007 Verdi Requiem
2006 Mozart Solemn Vespers
2005 Handel Messiah

4. Next year we are talking about another great one: Orff's Carmina Burana. After that, we'll take a break. Major works are sometimes thrilling, but they certainly exact a toll from the singers and conductor.

5. Now . . . onward and upward. Comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you and very well put.


Anonymous said...

I'm supper excited about Carmina Burana!

Anonymous said...

super.. i add an extra p oops!

Anonymous said...

Hey! any updates on a possible cd?

Harry Miree said...

Dude. I just woke up.

I felt so awesome about last night, both personally and ensemble-wise,

I met some awesome dudes from the other choir,

and I got some first-hand experience with Maestro Brown.

Total rockage. Can't wait 'till Carmina.

John Cosby said...


Are you going to teach them about Waffles?

Anonymous said...


Katie Mo said...

what about the old kids that even did the Rutter Gloria?
good times with the BCC!