Sunday, February 10, 2008

We did it!

Running Partners Extraordinaire, originally uploaded by philipco.

Dr. Gainey and I ran the Mercedes Half Marathon earlier today.

See those medals? We finished!

It was a first for both of us and we are very happy we completed the race!

Our numbers (updated with official results):

4:45 wake up time (plc)
00:11:37 pace per mile
2:31:59 total time
13.1 Miles
2148 Calories

Dr. Gainey was #2021 and I was #2022. This time, only two of the men in the 70-74 age bracket ran faster than I did. I trounced the other one. There were at least 600 people who crossed the finish line after we did in the half-marathon.

I had the ipod cranking for most of the race and I'm not too ashamed to share my most motivating tunes:

1. Theme from Rocky (Gonna Fly Now) (this one picks me up every time!)
2. Billy Jean (Michael Jackson)
3. Heaven Knows
4. Play that Funky Music White Boy
5. I Will Survive
6. Long Train Runnin (Doobie Bros.)
7. A Horse With No Name
8. Takin it to the streets (Doobie's)
9. Long Train Runnin' (Doobie's)
10. Flying theme from ET

That's right, I was rocking to Donna Summer and Michael Jackson before you woke up this morning.

It was a blast running the race . . . and I wouldn't have even thought about it without Dr. Gainey. She's tops! Other running pics here.

Seriously, I wouldn't have even considered running the race without Dr. Gainey. She says it's the same for her, but somehow I don't believe her. She was a great training/running partner and we might have bigger goals next year.


Robyn said...

You go boy!! I am proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Im SOOO proud of you Dr. Copeland!!! YAY!! Your daughters should be proud of their cool dad! Maybe I'll run with you one day.. except that I have to wear a knee brace which really stinks but it could still be fun!

Nick said...

way to go!!! I am seriously impressed...WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats!! That's great!
And I love your music selection. I think the only thing missing is "Eye of the Tiger" ... ;)

g said...

Those Doobie Brothers have a GREAT beat for running or biking. I used to listen to them on my now ancient Walkman (one of the originals...)when I rode the 16 mile trail from DC to Mount Vernon. Great job! Why didn't you listen to the Brahms? It would have been a really good time to get some extra study time in-can you imagine the looks of the other runners while you belted out "Du bist du Wurdig"?...

Holly S. said...

Billy Jean contributed to my name. Excellent choices, Dr. C. On a similar note, I used the Theme from Rocky to motivate me for a moot court competition. It's amazing! Congrats. You should be proud!

bennytittle said...

Congrats to you both....Esp you Denise! I'm so proud of you!
Benny Tittle Jr

benny said...

CONGRATS both of you....I'm very proud of you D!

Anonymous said...

Dude no Queen?
Queen helps me write papers.


Anonymous said...

lol Flying Theme from E.T.