Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I have a new contact number

Check this out.

I first read about it a few months ago but decided to sign up as a beta tester. It should be pretty cool. When you call my new number, you can ring any phone that I designate as mine (cell, office). Or, if I decide, it goes immediately to voice mail and the voice mail message is emailed to me.

Me, I like email. I don't really like cell phone messages and I HATE texts to my phone (make note of that choir).

In other news, I heard the Concordia College Choir tonight. More on that later. They were fabulous.


Harry Miree said...

Dude. Nice.

Anonymous said...

How can you hate texts? they're non-invasive.. i texted you the other day and you said you laughed... so you really secretly hated my text... ouch

Anonymous said...

but the beta tester thing does look cool

Anonymous said...

How odd...just yesterday I said these words "why can't we have one number and it ring as both a landline and a cell phone?"

Did you ever use It was the thing in high school because your messages and email were all in one place - you could call and listen to email or read voicemail. But it went away in about 2001. :(

But yeah, this is neat.