Friday, February 29, 2008

a real prayer

I'm working my way through a new series: Six Feet Under.

In a stunning and surprising scene towards the end of episode four, there was this prayer at the conclusion of a fallen gang member's funeral:

Merciful Jesus,
Please bring rest and peace to our fallen brother, son, friend, Manuel Paco Bolin.
May he live with you forever in your light and truth.
Almighty Father, Amen.

Then the gang leader prayed for the family of the funeral home (the stars of the series):

We also want to thank the Fishers, who lost a father, and husband, the Lord bring peace to them in their grief as you have in ours. We'll miss you . . .

I can't remember the last time I saw a real prayer said on a TV show or movie. It was moving and heartfelt . . . quite touching, at least for me.

Religion, especially Christianity, doesn't receive much favorable press these days. It's refreshing to see a series present it in a different light . . . one that shows the comfort faith can give humanity.

It's an interesting series and one that I think I'm really going to like.


Anonymous said...

That sounds really good.. and I liked the prayer.. despite the fact that its said by a gang leader whos life of violence and crime is completely contradictory to the teachings of Christ


Philip L. Copeland said...

There are lots of contradictory issues in this show . . . that's what makes it interesting. Lots of traditional boundaries are crossed/challenged. I think that's what made it so compelling to have "faith" appear so unexpectedly.

Anonymous said...

all this contradictory stuff reminds me... Did Dr. Pence give you a copy of all the cases we debate? If not, do you want one?