Sunday, February 03, 2008

Proud of Eli and Anthony and Dr. Gainey

Anthony gave a marvelous recital tonight . . . beautiful voice, musical, great showmanship. The concert was well attended by people I know and love to have around. Superb job, Anthony.

After the recital, I pulled for the Giants in tonight's SuperBowl. I watched Eli as an Ole Miss fan and it was great to see him win it in the final moments tonight . . . his uniform even looked like an Ole Miss one.

The Manning's are special in Mississippi . . . Archie Manning was a legend at Ole Miss and a superb quarterback for the terrible New Orleans Saints. All Mississippi people feel a little bit of pride whenever Peyton and Eli do well. Winning back to back SuperBowls is quite special . . .

In other news . . .

Dr. Gainey and I ran 10 miles together on Saturday. It was the longest run I've ever attempted and were getting ready to run 13 in next Sunday's Mercedes Marathon. (The HALF Marathon, that is!)

I'm hoping for two things:

1. That I survive the race
2. That I complete the race

13.1 Miles. I'm hurting already.

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