Friday, February 22, 2008

Three great experiences, and a fourth to trump them all

What a great day.

Event #1: Listened to Nick Cummin's Chamber Choir. They were superb and I'm looking forward to hearing them again on Monday. Their literature:

Sanctus (Jan Sandstrom)
Jede Sedlak (I can't remember)
The Word was Made Flesh (I can't remember v. 2)

Event #2: Listened to Clay Chalkville Chamber Choir. They were superb. Their literature:

Fire, Fire (Thomas Morley)
Irish Something or Other (Craig Courtney)

The Courtney piece was really great. I hope I remember the title one day.

Event #3: The Movie Vantage Point. Wow. Great recommendation, Erin. It was a superb show and I haven't seen a car chase in a movie in many years. Action packed great drama.

And what trumped them all?

Laughing and saying sweet things to my daughters as I stayed with them until they fell asleep. We made up little rhymes, told little stories, held little hands, and giggled until sleep took them over.

It's a great life.

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