Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Class Discussions and The Great Making of Music


Great discussion today during class and a fine rehearsal also.

A few reflections:

1. Learning what we've already learned. Don't be discouraged at having to relearn things that we learned the last time. It happens with every piece that we work on. It will help if you NOTATE the changes that we make in the music and STUDY outside of class, of course. However, it happens with every piece of music in every choir, and we get better every time. Overall, I'm very pleased with our progress.

2. We made excellent music on ITYJ today. The things we put back in place: singing softer, exploiting rhythmic differences in Alto, Tenor, Bass.

3. Mate Saule: finding our loud voices for the ending was spectacular.

4. Daring to be the best. To win you must risk. To risk you must have confidence. Confidence comes from "flipping a switch inside" and preparing ahead of time. Get your head on right, everyone: I want to win.

There is an aggressiveness that we need to find in the next couple of rehearsals--a commitment to passion and "putting it out there". Let's find it tomorrow.


Charles said...

And remember guys...make it "pop!" YEAH...hahaha

Carlee said...

now , now.. let us be careful about how much confidence we exude, with too much confidence comes arrogance, and a lack of sight to reality. we've still got work to do, and some have become blinded to the fact that we work as a "team" and have overbearing pride in themselves. confidence is important, but lets remember to be humble about it.

Katie Mo said...

We tried to translate Der Tanz, and it definitely didn't work. Looks like you're gonna have to go digging to find that, Dr C, because it's definitely not on the internet. And please don't say I wasted two hours of my life and Rob's trying to find that dang poem.

oh well.
See ya tomorrow.
I felt awake today for the first time in months! it was incredible.
"I feel like my old bony self again, and I, JACK, THE PUMPKIN KING..."
righto, so bed time.

Philip L. Copeland said...

Note to Carlee: we aren't even close to arrogance. Overbearing pride? If we get anywhere close to overconfident and overbearing I promise I will reign us back in!

Carlee said...

note: i never said we were over confident.. i was saying WITH that comes arrogance. perhaps you don't see the pride that some carry, it's hard to observe everyone at once. it's the least of my worries though . i am confident. always.

Clayton said...

First off. Carlee, good emo pic for your profile. Really shows the "distress" of "life" and the "horrors" of "living". lol Just kidding. I thought my singing to each other idea was a great one! I cant believe it was shot down with such fervor! If we look at each others faces while we sing, will realize how we all look. The good and the bad. Its a freaking good idea and all of you know it!

JessieSue said...

Speaking of all this pre competition confidence and what not, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if we all started taking our Flinstones. I mean, I know some of you already take multi-vitamins (Patrick) but we need to be getting healthy! I don't want anyone to be getting sick when we're trying to kick other people's, well you know. So head out to Wal-Mart or your nearest drug store and pick up some bacteria fighting supplements!

Ryan Kelly said...


Thanks for posting your regular blog comments. I was reading through them this weekend, and gleaned some vocabularly from you that I decided to use with my Chorale this morning.

You wrote, "There is an aggressiveness that we need to find in the next couple of rehearsals--a commitment to passion and 'putting it out there'. Let's find it tomorrow."

Every conductor has their own buzz of mine is "energized singing"...yet, if we don't adjust our vocabularly sometimes our students "tune out" these phrases. I thought your concept of "agressive singing" was excellent and something I wanted to try with my Chorale.

This morning (giving you the credit, of course!), I told my choir to sing agressively - to breath agressively, to articulate agressively, to phrase agressively, and to make music agressively.

I can't TELL you how much of a world of difference these instructions made on their singing. And they recognized the difference, which is the added bonus. Hooray!

Our final concert/tour is coming up next week....Tuesday-Sunday.

Tara said...

by the times of some of these comments, it is evident that some people stay up WAY too late!! I am surprised you can function during the day! hehe