Monday, April 04, 2005

Tablet PC Crazy

I think I'm headed for complete geekdom soon.

My latest quest: a tablet pc.

Every I turn I read about them. The latest mention was here.

I never thought about it before until I played on one in CompUSA the other day. It was incredible. I've read alot about them over the past week or so and I have a feeling I will own one soon.

My other tech adventure has been podcasts. Any of you doing that yet? I listen to my ipod over my car stereo on the way to school. Sometimes I listen to my crazy radio show but today I listened to a podcast about the Tablet PC.

This is a site I think I've linked to before. You hardcore students should look into it. Fascinating to me.

OK . . . choir starts again tomorrow. An intense two weeks and then we have a concert . . . the best yet.

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Sarah LH said...

it will be a short drive.