Monday, April 18, 2005

Wonderful Words to the Choir


It is great to have an appreciative audience at our concerts. It is even better to hear from them after the concert.

We received this wonderful comment from UAB employee Betty McCulloch today:

I was in the audience Saturday night during the UAB and Decatur choir performance, and I congratulate you, Dr. Davis and all members of the choirs for an outstanding performance. The music was spectacular and thrilling – so much so that I felt spiritually moved during and after the performance. It is so exciting to know that so many talented students are interested in making music, and I was able to experience it for FREE! I lament that more of the UAB community wasn’t there to hear the program, and I will spread the word before your next performance.Please pass on my congratulations to Dr. Davis and all choir members. And I wish you fun and success at your upcoming competition.

Wonderful words!

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