Thursday, April 07, 2005

Der Tanz, KatieMo, and Babies Crying at 3 AM

Thanks for looking for Der Tanz, Katie.

I decoded this translation at AltaVista Babel Fish Translation site, a fantastic resource:

It talks and dreams the youth so much, about dancing, Galoppen, Gelagen, at one time reaches it a truegliches goal, there hears one it sigh and complain. Soon hurt the neck, and soon hurt the chest, disappeared all the himmlische desire, only this time still return me health! Thus the view hoping flehet from the sky!

It isn't a perfect translation but you get the idea of what the text is about.

I found the German text here.

I have a book at school that will have the translation. Will get for choir tomorrow!


Katie Mo said...

oh, well i could have told you that! haha. Rob and I got translations both from Babelfish and and decided on a mixture of the two, that turned out something like this (well, exactly like this because I'm going to copy/paste it):

Youth speaks so much and dreams so much Of dances, of gallops and of festivals, Suddenly it reaches a misleading term, there one hears it sigh and complain. . Soon it suffers from the throat and suffers from the chest, all the celestial pleasures disappear, only this time I return to health! Thus the hope beseeches the sky.

Clayton said...

deep stuff kaymo... deep stuff.