Monday, July 10, 2006

10 Random Thoughts on a Summer's Eve

10 Random Thoughts on a Summer's Evening.

10. I am moved to blog since MBV finally blogged. And she dedicated a post to me. How sweet . . .now . . . if she'd just give me some of that chocolate cake.

9. Welcome to any visitors from the Alabama ACDA Convention who heard my session on Technology today. This is the blog I talked about, and you can visit my student's blogs by clicking on the links to your right. If you visit here enough, you'll get a good view into how special the student's are at UAB.

8. I just remembered that Clay asked me for suggestions for good baritone singers. I've always liked Bryn Terfel and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. This guy seems to have definite opinions, so visit his blog.

7. I've found a great piece of choral music the other day on the Naxos website. Sign up for the free listening opportunity and give a listen to "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day" by Nils Lindberg. It's a great piece of music--sign up for the service and hear the first part of this piece.

6. Sarah Greene said something nice about me to a girl I'm teaching in my music appreciation class this summer. It is nice to hear something like that . . . thanks for the kind words, Sarah. We'll miss you next year.

5. MBV wanted a recommended recording of the Verdi Requiem. Strangely enough, the Naxos website recommended theirs. I found this one at Barnes & Noble website that has some good comments about it. This one gets high marks as well. And finally, the Robert Shaw recording has excellent recommendations.

4. My daughter, Claire, is frightened by the night these days. Her frequent question to me once the bathtime is done: "Daddy, have you eaten all the monsters?" My response is always in the affirmative . . . Leigh told her that she didn't have anything to worry about with monsters becuase I always ate them all. I'll be thinking of her when we sing the Whitacre "Sleep" next year: "If there are noises in the night . . . a frightening shadow . . . flickering light . . . "

3. There is a choir blog here that posts video of their international trip this summer. A great idea, don't you think?

2. An interesting list of 100 great American masterpieces of choral music appears here. How many have you heard of? (scroll down once you get there)

1. I'm a lucky man. Did you really read the whole list?


Keith said...

Take a spray bottle and fill it with water, then use your computer to make a label that says "Monster Spray" (like bug spray) and use it to chase the mosters off at night for your little girls. Spray it in the closet and under the bed etc . . .

Lauren Davidson said...

so i take that as a definite that we're doing sleep next year... now I feel like the lucky one...i don't think you've ever done i piece i requested... haha and of course i read the whole else would i procrastinate studying for my biochem test?

Clayton said...

Let me add to keith's comment:

Pay a choral student...*ahem*... to dress up like a monster and hide in the closet. Take the "monster spray" bottle with you as you and the girls check for monsters. "Find" the monster in the closet and let the battle ensue! Once you are victorious in battle, your monster problem may go away.

thanks for the baritone reference!


Holly Jean said...

I agree with Keith. My Daddy used Monster Spray for us when we were little. It works! Good stuff, that Monster Spray is. Make sure to get in the corners, closets, under the bed, and by windows. That's where they come in, you know. But the Monster Spray repels them! I think Dad also used Nightmare-B-Gone. That works too.

Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know, the first day of school is 6 weeks away! Then it will be time for a certain domination of the choir world to begin! Muh hahahahaha!


Marybeth Verchot said...

When will you be in your office Friday?

Anonymous said...

(just to preface this this was way to inviting not to say)
is anyone else worried that clay wants Dr. Copeland to pay David Berg to dress up in a monster suit and hide in and about his house?
Love you Berg,