Monday, July 17, 2006

Shall I compare thee, o purchasing options?

I just found a big price difference on a recording I'm interested in.

I'm searching for recordings of possible literature that I want and I'm very interested in Nils Lindberg's "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day." I looked on Amazon the other day and found this. $18.98 . . . sort of expensive for a CD but it went into the Purchase Cart anyway (for a future purchase.)

This morning, I happened to search on "Shall I" on Itunes . . . . and found the same recording for $9.99 . . . and I can sample it . . . and download immediately.

Which do you think is the most viable business model for the future?

I really love Itunes and I hope they continue developing their classical (especially choir) options. I've done a quick comparison of all the download services and it seems to me that Itunes has the best selection for music that interests me.

As far as the recording, I'm downloading it now. This group's performance of the piece I'm most interested in isn't as good as the recording I already have (but perhaps I judge too soon . . . ) . . . but they do literature by composers I like very much: Lindberg, Mantyjarvi, Orban and Komulainen. I'm not sure who the other composers are (Harris, Applebaum). The group is Chicago a cappella and I really like what I see of their past and present literature.

One of my jobs for Dr. Jordan at Ole Miss was to find the music of composers that I'd never heard of. (what? i had my doctorate and had not heard of a composer?)

Actually, that entire 3-year experience underscored the fact that degrees mean very little . . . or at least . . . that you don't come close to learning everything there is to know when you have an advanced degree.

(somehow, my post morphed from an accolade for Itunes to an examination of what a doctorate doesn't teach you . . . there is much more to say on that subject that I will consider later . . . )


Lauren Davidson said...

That recording of the chicago group didn't really impress me (of course i could only listen to 30 seconds on itunes) by the way...i'm also a big fan of's cheaper than buying the real cd and then you can transfer to the ipod or make your own cd taking off the songs you don't want. but yeah i think doing a shakespeare set could be cool (as long as we're not bringing back over hill)

Clayton said...

I really like iTunes as well. I use it to find Christian artists that may not be very prominent, but have great music anyway. Also, podcasts. My new love. Check out Dr. David Platt's podcast at

My other two favorites on iTunes are "mysterious universe" and Leo Laporte's "This week in tech".

Lauren Davidson said...

wow...DAVID PLATT...great guy

Clayton said...

yeah! get the podcast!

Marybeth Verchot said...

While MP3s are cheaper, the sound quality is lower. So while the reduction in price is still really nice. . . meh. I say get it used if you can. : P