Monday, July 17, 2006

Two updates: American Idol

First update: if you are going to audition, please let Adrian know via email . . . she has some questions for you . . .

Second update: be aware that the UAB Music Department orientation will be Monday, August 21, from 10:00 a.m. until noon. The first day of class (and choir) is August 22.

There looks to be a conflict, folks. I didn't know about any of this until today and Clay's comment alerted me to the problem. Auditions begin at Birmingham at 8:00 on August 21 and music majors are supposed to be at UAB at 10:00 a.m. that same morning.

My advice: don't start out the year on the wrong foot.

Note: Producers expect as many as 100,000 people to try out at each of the audition cities.

How to have it both ways? Audition somewhere else (and Memphis is close).

San Antonio, TX Friday, Aug. 11

East Rutherford, NJ Monday, Aug. 14
Continental Airlines Arena

Birmingham, AL Monday, Aug. 21

Memphis, TN Sunday, Sept. 3

Why is this a good choice? No class on Monday, September 4th. Make it on Sunday, sing again on Monday.

Minneapolis, MN Friday, Sept. 8
Target Center

Seattle, WA
Tuesday, Sept. 19 Key Arena


Raul V said...

Maggie can still go! She's not a music major.

Lauren Davidson said...

man i could totally audition in NJ on the 14th (since i'll already be there) and then if i don't make it have another shot in bham...if only i wanted to make a fool of myself

Clayton said...

Eh.. I really dont want to travel to Memphis. There is always next year!

Anonymous said...

Start off on the wrong foot? Will Jesus be at the orientation?

Sarah LH said...

do grad students need to be there? oh and do we have to do perf att?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how the whole audition process will work, but I remember reading this one girl's account of the tryout, and she said you first had to go get an wristband and a seat, and then you go back later to sing for 'em. so who knows? go early and find out before deciding not to try out. Maybe the whole UAB choir should be at the BJCC at 8. C'mon Copeland, we'd make great TV! We could wear choir dresses, tuxes, blinding lipstick...the whole shebang!....and then to top it off we could offer to sing Cantate or something... ;-) ~Rachel~