Saturday, July 22, 2006

Shepherd Smith--in Lebanon--thinking of choir

Dr. Jordan just forwarded me a message he received from Shepherd Smith who is currently in Lebanon with Fox News.

I've asked Dr. Jordan to ask Shepherd if I can reprint his email here . . . it is a somewhat profound reminder of where life can take you.

I hope he lets me . . .

I've told you before about Shepherd . . . he was the guy with all the funny comments that sat directly behind me in the Bass 2 section. I still marvel at his ascent to network news and I'm proud as heck to have known him in college.

He's thinking of his choir experiences while he's in Lebanon . . . what an impact Dr. Jordan had on him.

I've been trying to look back at Shepherd with my "teacher eyes." He had a "spark" in him that was undeniable and I always smile when I hear his characteristic wit and commentary on life, politics, and the human condition.

Godspeed, Shepherd. Get back home safely. And let's visit Dubrovnik again one day.

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