Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Europe Contemplations

Early prices are in on the European trips I've constructed thus far.

Fact #1: The trip will be more expensive this year.
Fact #2: This is a difficult decision.

Europe Decision

Analysis of our current choices:

To me, the first trip mentioned still looks the best (Munich-Salzburg-Gorizia-Venice). This is a slightly cheaper version than (Munich-Salzburg-Gorizia-Venice-Florence) with the obvious deletion of Florence to save $250. For another couple of hundred dollars, a trip to Florence seems worth it to me (but there has to be a line there somewhere.)

The good: Those are some very exciting cities with a competition of significant caliber (a gran premio competition).
The bad: It's over 2500, my original self-imposed limit.

The cheapest trip ($2349) has some good points. It happens in May (less time for our hard work to dissipate over the summer), the competition is prestigious (which is one of its problems), and Vienna is a fantastic destination. The Marktoberdorf competition, however, is problematic for two reasons. First, it is incredibly difficult to be invited (last time they invited 10 of 66 applications). Second, the length of the festival (six days) keeps us from seeing more of Europe for our significant investment.

The other current option (Frankfurt-Wernigerode-Leipzig-Prague) is a mixed bag, too. This is the latest competition . . . if it had happened this summer we would have returned yesterday. Dr. Jordan says that Wernigerode is a fantastic city--one that the East German government kept pristine and a showcase for their country. he also says that the performing space has wonderful acoustics. The competition there offers opportunity for a large number of choirs (women's, men's, large choirs, chamber choirs). The price is on the higher side.

It's a tough decision. If you have comments, give them to me. Email might be better than the normal commenting on a post . . . (


Anonymous said...

Venice is a must.

Marybeth Verchot said...

Wow. How many people would be able to go on a trip this expensive?

Chris R. said...

Would we be getting any help from the school towards cost? Or would we be doing a "benefit" concert like we did with King David? Anything like that to help alleviate some of the cost?

Lauren Davidson said...

trip 1 2799
trip 2 3049
trip 3 2349
trip 4 2949
the best singers performing the greatest choral music of all time in europe: priceless

Clayton said...

Not everyone will be able to afford it. I probably will not be able to go, but I will still help raise money and do whatever I can to help.