Monday, July 03, 2006

New Directions

I've told some, but not all. This is how I envision structuring the UAB Choir Classes next year:

UAB Women's Chorale
UAB Concert Choir
UAB Chamber Singers

No big change, right?

Here is what those three classes will harbor:

UAB Concert Choir: SATB choir, no change from what we have been doing. The class is now scheduled to meet M-Tu-Wed-Th-Fr. Total class time is reduced from 360 minutes to 300. The class on Friday will sometimes be mixed (SATB), sometimes men (TTBB) and sometimes women (SSAA). This will allow us both scheduled sectional time and time to work as a mens/women's choir.

UAB Women's Chorale: Made up of all women from Concert Choir and Women's Chorale. All women will learn the same music, rehearse occasionally, and perform as one. (40-60 women). I think we will have increased participation for this group. UPDATE. To clarify, the Women's Chorale class will meet MWF from 3-3:50. Women from the Concert Choir will learn their music in the Concert Choir class period and rehearse occasionally with the Women's Chorale, probably in the Concert Choir class time from 2:00-2:50 on occasional Friday's.

UAB Men's Choir: All men from the Concert Choir will occasionally rehearse together and will sing 4-6 part men's choir music.

UAB Chamber Singers: I will be directing this group this year and the literature will be 50% classical.

UAB Jazz Choir (It needs a name--BLAZE?): For the other 50% of the time, the Chamber Singers will perform unaccompanied vocal jazz music. I plan on taking this group (20 in number) around to the schools to help in recruiting.

So, from three classes we will form 5 choirs. In doing so, we will expose our students (you) to a vast array of music and have more opportunity for student conductors, leadership in sectionals, and a more varied offering on our fall, Christmas and spring concerts.

In future years, I expect both the Women's and Men's choirs to perform at Southern Regional and National ACDA conventions.

In other news, no mail arrived at my home from the ACDA National office. That means that we still don't know if we've made it to the National Convention this year. I hope we have, but we've got the Verdi Requiem in our plans if we don't.

Other choirs slated to do the Verdi:

Birmingham Concert Chorale, Samford University A Capella Choir, University of Alabama at Birmingham Concert Choir, University of Alabama University Singers, Birmingham-Southern College Concert Choir, University of Montevallo Concert Choir

I'm excited.


Katie Elizabeth said...

Just to let you know, Blaze is not a good name... haha... sorry.

And, is this jazz choir going to involve choreography?, cause that would be awesome... but, I dunno... it's time consuming... but fun!... but time consuming.

Philip L. Copeland said...

I am up for suggestions on names. And "no" on the choreography question . . . that makes it a show choir. The music is too intricate--adding choreographed movement would take away from the music.

Katie Mo said...

does that mean that women's choir will be a seperate class? will that be a sectional thing? do i have to sign up for another class? how does that work?

also, only Katies comment on your blog now. Booya!

Raul V said...

uhhh.... Does this mean that we have extra practice time? We already have to meet every day. That makes other classes and jobs extremely hard.

Philip L. Copeland said...

No, there is no extra class time. Only what is in the schedule.

Philip L. Copeland said...

Katie, I updated the blog to answer your question (you don't sign up for an extra class).

Sarah LH said...

what verdi?

Philip L. Copeland said...

Verdi Requiem.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Well, sounds like fun! The Verdi Requiem should be nice... I've only ever heard it once, but it was pretty much awesome.

I didn't think of the show choir thing... that would not be cool. College show choirs usually pretty much suck (with the exception of Auburn, of course).

How about The Blazer Beat... wait, that kind of sounds like a drumline or something, doesn't it? Hmm, I dunno... you, umm, have fun with that name picking thing. I'm obviously not going to be much help! haha

Mucho love =D