Friday, September 15, 2006

ACDA Reverberations

I received the nicest email today from Will Breytspraak, director of the Vocal Division at Pebblebrook High School outside Atlanta. (website here).

I posted on his church choir blog a few days ago and it garnered this response:

I have been meaning to e-mail you since I saw your comment on our church choir blog a few days ago. You don't know me, but I definitely know of you. We had the GREAT pleasure of hearing your choir in West Virginia last year. I raved about your choir to everyone I talked to about the convention for MONTHS. I rarely get to hear a cappella singing of the greatest music, and it was a real treat. I felt like I was hearing the Swedish Radio Choir with Eric Ericson (a sound I have never forgotten after hearing them on that tour back in the spring of 2001).

Editors note: Eric Ericson is one of the premier choral conductors in the world. I'm astounded and very proud of the comparison. You can read about the Swedish Radio choir here and here.

I am the director of the Vocal Division at Pebblebrook High School outside Atlanta. We are the perfroming arts magnet program for the Cobb County Schools (16 schools). We have hosted the College of Charleston Chamber Choir, Cantus, and the St. Olaf Choir over the last three years. If you can ever manage to come by on on a tour, we would love to have you perform here for a concert.

Here is a little more if you are interested in our school (I think a lot of our students need to be looking at your program):

Our website:
Our blog:

I also have to tell you it was so neat to hear from you because it was your blog that inspired me to do ours this year at school. I had gone to yours occasionally last year, and it is such a neat way of building community and scrapbooking.



Will Breytspraak
Vocal Director

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