Thursday, September 07, 2006

Algirdas Martinaitis and an Emusic journey

Journey with me . . .

Algirdas Martinaitis was the composer I couldn't think of yesterday in the Chamber Singers rehearsal.

It's his Alleluia that I heard.

Some background:

1. I've mentioned to several my recent exploration of EMUSIC, another site for downloading music. The model is different from Itunes, and I'm strongly considering joining. Instead of paying .99 a song or 9.99 per album you pay a certain amount per month and get a certain number of downloads per month. It looks like a good deal and I like their selection for classical works. They seem to have a good deal with NAXOS, and I like their recordings.

2. Choral music is what I typically buy on CD . . . one has to be dedicated to one's life's work, you know. (The other music that I buy is from the crooners . . . people like Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra, etc.). Anyway, I've signed up for 25 free downloads at EMUSIC and one of the albums that I found was BALTIC MUSIC 3 by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, conducted by Paul Hillier.

3. On that album is the Alleluia by Algirdas Martinaitis. I've not heard of the composer before but I loved that piece. When I searched on the composer, I found him on the Lithuanian composers website, which is the same place where another of my favorites, MISKINIS, resides. On that site, I can view every other page of the music score . . . and I like what I see. (you can also see what the published version of Nunc Dimittis No. 2 looks like).

4. That's all.

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