Saturday, September 16, 2006

Superb Scholars Symposium

It was a fabulous first step this year.

You did a marvelous job . . . very musical, very dynamic. I'd say that you responded incredibly well to what we were trying to do and that you made a very favorable presentation of yourselves this morning.

UAB Administration types complimented your performance; many had heard you before but some were new. They were impressed.

Several parents of students attending the event mentioned words like "incredible, marvelous, and fantastic." I didn't get an opportunity to interact with many people after the performance, but I know that we made a great first impression.

While it is important to make good impressions on our audiences, it is more important to how we compare to our own standard. My early impression is that we are on track to be the best UAB Concert Choir since I've arrived. We have outstanding leaders and talented people throughout the group.

Today was an awesome beginning. Feel good about yourselves and come to class ready to work.

Upcoming: talking about the summer trip, attacking the double choir Bach motet and double choir Rheinberger Kyrie, finishing Miskinis "Nunc" and working up the Whitacre "Sleep."

The future is bright. Come ready to work.

Update: This is the graphic I almost used:


Lauren Davidson said...

that was FAB!

Anonymous said...

i had chills when "the walls we tum-ba-lin down!" and should use that graphic. lol

~lindsey harrison

Erin said...

I personally thought we deserved way more applause than what we got. I think we did an awesome job!

Lauren Davidson said...

YES! that graphic definitely demontrates how you looked when you exclaimed "that was FAB" all those years ago (aka like 2) haha

Anonymous said...

yeah...the "high-end, more educationaly prepared" (a phrase i still find o so humorous) gypped us some clappin'. but think they may have just been stunned.

~lindsey harrison

Marybeth Verchot said...

You don't resemble Jesus in any way whatsoever.