Sunday, September 03, 2006


Happy 2nd Birthday to my blog.

It began two years ago on September 3, 2004.

My first post contained three goals for the blog:

1. My primary intent is to thoroughly reference some of the things that I talk about in rehearsal. I don't like to take alot of our precious rehearsal time to chase rabbits and tell stories even though a certain amount of that is important.

2. With the "comments" section, you can talk back to me (and discuss with others, of course) about the subjects I bring up.

3. I hope to use the vast online resources as well as my own webpage to help all of us learn more and reference information to make our music more meaningful to us.

I've made 672 posts since that first day. I'd say that the blog has done the job I envisioned and quite alot more. At the beginning, I thought it would primarily be a conversation between me and a those in the choir. It's broadened quite a bit. These days, I'm getting about 115 hits a day from all over the world.

The counter says that I've had 46,982 visits to the site. That's pretty good, I guess. Many blogs get that many a day, though, so I'm under no illusion that I'm speaking to the world. The thing is, though, the world can drop in anytime. In fact, composer Eric Whitacre dropped by one day.

So . . . happy anniversary, mr. blog. Enjoy your Labor Day holiday.


scivley said...

Hooray!... Congrats!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Your Blogs birthday is the same day as my birthday!