Saturday, September 30, 2006

Info on choir competition, summer 2007

Here is some information on our competition this summer, thanks to Martin who noticed that the site was updated earlier this week.

The information is quite voluminous, so it will take me awhile to wade through it all. When I pasted it into a word document, it took 142 pages.

FWIW, I'm in Jackson, MS this morning at a place called Beagle Bagel Cafe. (free internet, nice spot to spend the morning, maybe the day). Leigh is in a medical meeting today, the girls are at the grandparents. I'm slaving away for my students at a bagel shop.


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I love that place. Have fun!!!

Holly Jean said...

That is a good place...It's right around the corner from me right now.

Anonymous said...

Would we be competing in Section A or Section B?

Katie Mo said...

haha, good luck with this guideline:
h) A perfectly readable copy of each proposed score for the Artistic Board

even we don't have some of those!!!

Philip L. Copeland said...


I'll address this is class, but here is the way I've been approaching what you are saying about rehearsal time:

I'm not guilty.

The class voted that they would extend one class rehearsal period 30 minutes for a vacation from the next rehearsal period.

Women had rehearsal period off last Friday, we'll probably end rehearsal today at 3:15.

That's a total loss of 25 minutes from my regular rehearsal time of the class (300 minutes).

I think your issue is more of a Friday thing than a time thing. I'll look at adjusting that to make the extended times more appealing . . or at least, less heinous.

Anonymous said...

speaking of the extra long choir class today...

i'm going to be there, but i'm not going to be singing. i can barely talk. Just thought i'd let ya know before i try to explain in class and hurt myself ^_^