Monday, September 18, 2006

Sometimes I undersell things

I've noticed that I sometimes undersell projects that I really believe in.

I do it for a couple of reasons, I think:

1. I don't want to pressure people into spending their hard earned money on something that I think would be good for them.
2. I don't want people to feel guilty for choosing "not" to do something that I want them to do.
3. I like the option of backing out if it doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

The downside in underselling:

You don't show the proper passion or commitment you have to a project that you really want to carry to completion.

What is the (probable) obvious message in this post?

I think I may have undersold the Europe trip today.

Know these things from me:

1. Choir trips, especially to Europe, are incredible experiences. You will have a tremendous time on this trip if you choose to go. My memories of previous choir trips are some of the happiest in my life.
2. We'll have a good chance to win this competition. I feel very good about our chances.
3. The cost is higher than I would like, but most things are these days.

Is it worth it? I say yes.
Can you afford it? That's what you need to figure out. I hope so. Beg, plead, borrow, but don't steal. Give me names of people that I can contact on behalf of the choir. I'll follow up on it.

Time for me to return to triplet bathing . . . .


Katie Elizabeth said...

I think 99.9% of the people in your choirs would absolutely love to go to Europe... an extreme amount less will actually be able to. Money, these days, is tight for everyone... and, I know I can hardly afford a $200 trip... much less a $2000 trip. I didn't even think twice about going until hearing what you said in Chamber... now, I'll try... but, it's not looking good. I think, if you would put more emphasis on fundraising, quite a few more people would show sincere interest in the trip. However, to most of us, right now, it just seems virtually impossible to come-up with the money... that's why we may have seemed to be blowing it off.

Sarah LH said...

exempli gratia: i am having problems with $50 books right now, not to mention the debt i'm accumulating to go to school. it would be foolish and out of the question for me to spend more than a semester's tuition on an essentially pleasure trip. even if i could acquire that much money, i would pay for school with it. the prospect of a tour in the US sounds much more appealing.

Philip L. Copeland said...

a fortiori: the trip may not be for all. however, it may be for many.

Some have not recently returned from a honeymoon in Rome.

For a list of more fun Latin phrases, look here.

Anonymous said...

in cauda venenum: Seems like it would be worth the money now.... after the fact when you are still paying for it and wishing you had graduated with less debt....

Anonymous said...

the last post was me, maggie by the way....