Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006

Show and Tell:

Caroline and Uncle Russell:

October 2006 145

Claire and Friend:

October 2006 144

Catherine Enthralled with Halloween:

October 2006 143

Neighborhood Ghost:

October 2006 137


Katie Mo said...

I definitely have all three of those costumes from when I was their age! They're so cute! Sleeping Beauty was my favorite!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Aww... I can't wait until I have kids to take trick-or-treating. Not triplets, of course... just... a few kids... that come one at a time. And, actually, I can wait... I plan on waiting some time.

You know, maybe I shouldn't have kids.

Wow... that was a crazy thought process... just ignore me.

They're cute.

Lauren Davidson said...

man i used to hate having to wear a turtle neck under my costume...

Holly Jean said...

I'm with Lauren on that one... When we were in Pennsylvania we had to wear long-johns under our costumes or we weren't allowed to go... A princess doesn't feel very princessy when she's wearing long-johns...

The girls look great, Dr. Copeland! I didn't have a single trick-or-treater, and I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

o my...they're adorable!

~lindsey harrison