Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Random Bits: Dresses, Worship Service, Friday

A couple of updates:

1. Sample Dresses have been ordered from the three that you've seen. I ordered a 6 and a 16/18 in all three of the dresses to get a sense of how they looked on different body types. Volunteers for models needed.

2. Upcoming performance for Concert Choir during mass of St. Paul's Cathedral on Saturday, October 14. Worship service is at 5:00 p.m. I'll need you there at 3:45 dressed. We will rehearse there on Friday, October 13th during rehearsal time. Map to the church. Practice driving there before that day. We'll sing from this group of literature in the service:

Singet Dem Herrn
Johann Sebastian Bach

Kyrie, from Mass in Eb Major
Josef Rheinberger

Nunc dimittis No. 2
Vytautas Miškinis
b. 1954

Ave Maria
Javier Busto
b. 1949

Deep River
Arr. Norman Luboff

arr. Norman Luboff

3. No choir rehearsal (WC or CC) this Friday. I'm out of town, at Stetson University conducting an Honors Choir event. My contact tells me I'll be conducting a choir of 313. A hundred are men, and 213 women. Yikes. There will be another honors choir happening at the same time conducted by Craig Jessop, who directs the Morman Tabernacle Choir. I'm looking forward to meeting him.

The program, in case you care:

"Let All the People Praise Thee O God" (Mathias)
"There Shall A Star Come Out of Jacob" (Mendelssohn)
"There is a Time" (Courtney)
"Same Train" (arr. Robert Shaw)
"Domaredansen" (Bengt Hallberg, Walton SK-102)



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Anonymous said...

o how fun. congrats on the "beautiful blog" dr. copeland.

~lindsey harrison

Anonymous said...

If this helps anybody, here's the easiest way to get to the church from UAB. Go down Richard Arrington (21st St). Take a right onto 3rd Ave NORTH. Go across 22nd St and park in the parking lot on the left. Of course, you can also park on the street, but there's lots of one way streets in that area so it can be a little confusing. ~Rachel~

Katie Mo said...

thank you, Rachel!!!

I'm not good at maps.