Thursday, October 26, 2006


The sustained applause felt good, didn't it?

Seeing the choir in the balcony rooting for us was wonderful, wasn't it?

I was very pleased with today. It wasn't a perfect performance, but it had heart . . . it had spirit . . . it had passion. We were not, in the words of John Dickson, just another boring choir. We sang with soul. It seemed to me that you felt the way that one should feel when they sing great music and the audience responded the way they are supposed to respond when they see a group of people aggressively pursue their art. Congratulations.

Some random positive notes:
  • I'll have to watch it when I get inspired before an already inspired choir--the result can trend towards overwhelming!
  • I would swear that some of you mirrored my stance on the women's "Sicut erat" music in the Nunc Dimmittis. I gave you powerful looks and you responded with your own powerful looks! Congratulations, I thought you really stepped up in passionate singing.
  • Joshua was fabulous. Soloists did a great job and I think Tyler sings a great tenor solo.
  • Nunc had some great moments. Opening page had some exquisite sounds and beautifully pure singing. At times, I wanted to just stop and say "wow, it really sounds great in here."
Other notes:
  • I agreed with some of what Dr. Baird said; we oversang in places. I also disagreed with her about some things, especially in regards to Nunc being an introspective work. It is in places, but quite extroverted and dynamic in sections.
  • Opening chord of Kyrie didn't settle. We must listen to pitch, think our note, sing with presence. That hadn't happened before--I think it was because we were having trouble containing our excitement after Nunc.
  • I heard some women singing occasional notes sharp, especially when switching to higher sounds (head voice). We must be able to control every note
Overall, I would score you extremely high on passion and excitement. You sang like a motivated choir today and it was impressive. On the actual substance of our technique I would say "very good." Our passion and excitement got the best of us at times; we'll learn to focus that energy in other ways.

I'm a lucky man, I get to keep directing you. I'm a lucky man, we'll continue to get better. I'm a lucky man, we can take a day off tomorrow. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments!

tho i'm sad we're missin choir 2 times this week... 3 if you count today.


Anonymous said...

we are lucky as well. i was all kinds of happy in my face!

~lindsey harrison

Katie Mo said...

haha, I thoughttoday more than made up for missing choir tomorrow! I have to tell you, I wish we could change that whole "Mass Choir" idea. It seems to pointless every year!
But today was exciting!!! I love the opportunity to get to see how many people from high school were actually as dedicated to music as they claimed to be. :)

Clayton said...

We did great today! I was really looking forward to choir tomorrow though. I will take the opportunity and spend some much needed time with Stephanie. I enjoyed today. Even when I have a horrible cold, you guys made me smile and feel good.


Luke's Blog said...

Greetings choir,

I must say that it was a true pleasure to see you guys perform yesterday. Thoughts of the performance have still not left my head, so I figured I would share them. I think we can all relate that at some point in our lives, we heard a choral performance that drew our interest and motivated us to sing in a choir. We then got to experience singing in a group and lifting our voice to affect an audience in the same way. I re-experienced that moment yesterday. There were times when I felt as if you all took a part of my soul and wrapped it in a warm blanket of beautifully intoxicating sounds. My heart was melted and moved. For that I must say thank you! I thought Copeland's comments were on point too!

If I may offer a small bit of uneducated advice. The only thing I thought Auburn (the only other choir I saw) defeated you with was dynamic range. The clinician told you this, and as a former member, I know it is a struggle. I would encourage you to find that intensely live softness and the full robust loudness and ALL the levels that lie between. Your music definitely offers you the chance to showcase that range, and it truly lures the audience in even more that you already have them!

Well done. Your hard work is obvious, and it was a pleasure to hear your wonderful voices moving people once again. Bravo!

Luke Boone

Katie Elizabeth said...

I was extremely sick... struggling to stand... but, that performance was still a blast. It wasn't our best, I don't think. At least, Nunc and Kyrie were not our best... but, it was just an awesome atmosphere.