Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This proves it: I'm Cool

From the wonderful ability granted by Google Blog Search I give you:

a report from Stetson Honor Choir.

It seems that I am cool . . . and have a funny accent . . . .

And, I've probably freaked a young Deland (Florida) HS Senior out by posting on her LiveJournal.


A grateful Mom said...

Dr. Copeland,

I am a mom of a soprano who attended the Stetson Honors Choir event as a chaperone. I must say that words cannot describe how richly I was blessed by the whole event. You are so incredibly fortunate to be able to immerse yourself in the musical experience that can only be a foretaste of what will be in heaven. Thank you so much for your dedication to God and your devotion to young people who so need Christian role models. And you’re fun on top of it!! What a concept.

I browsed your family blog and your daughters and wife are beautiful!! (The picture you had at rehearsal was too far away for me to see….”awe………..”) Perhaps a 2006 update is in order????? In the one picture Claire looks like she is conducting….

May God continue to richly bless you in your ministry and thanks again for your work with our kids. The concert was stellar.

Anonymous said...

you know, that's kinda creepy. both that you responded to the chica's and that the mom responded to yours.

just... creepy. like stalker, but nicer.


Sarah LH said...

whatever came of those pictures that girl took that day?

Ashley Arrington said...

So I'm looking at the blog and I say to myself, "Ashley, your blog is not on here." So maybe we could do something about that. It's http://themenobodyknew.livejournal.com/ . Awesome.
-Ashley Arrington