Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ireland lips

For the women going to Ireland:

If you have a brownish-red lipstick, bring it on the bus Tuesday. It must be shown to either Erin or Nancy for approval, since we are trying to all wear the same/similar color. If you are returning from last year, bring last year's lipstick with you (Avon, blue tube, called Buttered Rum). Those who have neither will share with a woman who has a lipstick. We will have alcohol to disinfect the lipstick before sharing! If you still have an issue with sharing, I suggest you buy a brownish-red lipstick before Tuesday!

--Erin and Nancy, lipstick divas


G said...

I'm on a hunt for a few more tubes of an acceptable color today. I plan on purchasing 3 or 4 tubes. I'll post the color name and brand later today, if you want to get your own.

G said...

Here are some lipsticks that will work-
Guerlain-#528(Rouge d'Enter")
Guerlain-#547(Brun de Plaisir")
Guerlain-#525(Folie de Grenat")