Friday, April 25, 2008

What it takes

I posted this on the ChoralNet blog today . . . you may enjoy it . . . what it takes to sing in choir.


One person called this "perhaps the best description of choral music participation that I have ever read."

Take a look at this post and see how one person described what it takes to sing in a choir. A portion of it excerpted here:
Choral scores (for those of you not in choirs) are complex, multi-factored codes from which singers are supposed to produce music. ..not just a sequence of notes, because every mark on the score instructs singers on other things . . .


Then there's the mundane side of things...singers must have the commitment, the discipline, to show up at rehearsals, work during rehearsals, do what it takes between rehearsals to arrive at the next one ready to go. Just showing up counts a lot--the time wasted by those who have skipped, who have to stop and ask questions because they weren't there, who come in late and have to ask what page we're on, who are chatting and not listening so they miss which bit comes next, who forgot their score or their pencil and need to borrow...that time is lost, missing from rehearsals. Choirs benefit from the dependable, the prompt, the prepared, the alert, those willing to concentrate on the work at hand. Individual singers must be committed to sing when they don't feel great, when their feet hurt, when their noses tickle, when their throats might be a little raw, when they've just been fired, when their significant other just got a job 400 miles away.

It's a great post . . .

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