Wednesday, April 02, 2008

National Competition for Schools (for Nancy)

There are other competitions going on in Cork as a part of their festival.

Look here.

We're going to be one of the INTERNATIONAL choirs singing at the NATIONAL competition.


G said...

Event: 1th May 2008, NON-COMPETITIVE, Nat. Comp. for Schools, Section 3, City Hall, Cork
Event Time: 2.30pm
Choir Performance Time:

Since it IS my very own blog, I'm going to cut and paste the offending entry...maybe your girls got at your computer while you were consuming your Hot Tamale's and Pepsi...I think this is confusing and it's not even in French!

Philip L. Copeland said...

Ah. That means it is non competitive for us, I believe. We sing at their competition but we are not competing.

That's from a document they sent me.

The Hot Tamale's had nothing to do with it.

G said...

I looked up Hot Tamale's on Wikkipedia and they have evidence that they have EVERYTHING to do with it. It's on the internet, it must be true.

Anonymous said...

y'all make me laugh