Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tonight was special . . . .

What a night . . . what a semester . . . what a year.

I was so proud of all my groups tonight . . . it was an honor to stand in front of you and make the music we made tonight.

Chamber Singers arrived at a new place on their music:

1. Haec dies was very good . . .
2. Michelle was better than it has ever been before. Tenors blend was superb . . . you made adjustments in the last two days that changed everything for the better. Congratulations, men.
3. Country Dances was superb. The right tempo, the right dynamic, the right spirit, the right transitions. Way to go.

Women's chorale did exceptionally well. Of all the groups I direct, you made the most improvement from where you began and where you ended. We started with small sounds and unsure singers . . . we ended with bigger sounds and confidence. Way to go . . . I was very proud. Erin did a superb job in her conducting and quiet leadership. A great night.

Concert Choir was especially thrilling. This was a seven-year high point . . . the best we've ever done in a spring concert, I think. It brought back to my mind two other concerts: the new york carnegie hall concert and the first night in Tours competition. Here's what I wrote about the night in France . . . tonight was very similar, except better. We sustained emotion, precision, and energy through seven very difficult musical works.

Leigh thought that the Regina Coeli was the best piece . . . Dr. Jordan said that we sang each work with "complete authority." Both of those comments mean quite a bit to me . . .

My friend Greg Park was impressed with the way the choir took the stage . . . they smiled at the audience and tried to make a connection. Way to go.

Nick Cummins said this in an email to me: I have to say tonight was piece overall: tie between "Nunc Dimittis" and "Regina Coeli" both were just awesome.

Dr. Mostellar told me he was "blown away" and that he'd never heard anything like that in twenty years here at UAB. (i think i'm quoting him correctly) A very kind comment and one that I appreciate very much from him. Dr. Irving was the first one to congratulate me after the concert. I really appreciate the support of those two men.

So . . . as I've now passed 1 AM . . . I think two thoughts:

1. I am glad I said what I did about Dr. Jordan to that crowd tonight. It felt good to talk about his influence on me for so many years to a group that knew him and saw his talent firsthand. It felt right to talk about "the curse" of being in his choir and that I've been working out the musical truths he taught me ever since.

2. I'm extremely proud of my students tonight . . . you rose to the occasion and performed with passion, pride, and power. You sang musically and moved appropriately at the slightest gesture I made. You drew the audience to you . . . they sensed your energy and your commitment to excellence.

It was a special night and one that I will never forget. Congratulations, everyone.

And . . . thanks.


G said...

It's been a joy to be a part of this group. Art is the magic in our lives-so much bigger than we are. So intangible...a true force to use with wisdom and responsibility. I'm so proud of what we did tonight, and that I can call so many of you "Friend"-gosh-we were GOOD, guys!!!

Whitney said...

Last night really meant a lot to me. Meeting all the wonderfully talented and friendly musicians from Oxford at the end of the concert and hearing them praise our work was very flattering. All I can say is that our hard work has paid off. We have proven ourselves to be a determined, capable, and above all, passionate choir...and we are on our way to Ireland!

Anonymous said...

the whole concert was amazing. i remembered why i love to sing. i love using music as means to affect a person's emotions. i really was moved last night. the chamber choir performance was exhilarating. after 'the silence of time' i thought about the next song coming up- 'whole world'. i knew that it would be the last song i ever performed with the uab concert choir. i thought about how 'whole world' was also one of the first songs i ever sang with the uab concert choir. and then i realized that i would never again in my life-no matter where i go-have the opportunity to perform with such an excellent choir. i was filled with emotion-a perfect moment. it was an amazing night. amazing. thank you, dr. copeland for everything you've done.


Anonymous said...

So, I’ve never been the kind of girl to cry in sappy movies, but the sound last night was so pure and so genuine I was teary-eyed more than once. Thanks a lot!! ;)

Really, it was a phenomenal night for all the performing groups. You guys are going to kick butt in Ireland! I miss being up there with y’all. There’s a definite hole in my heart too.


Harry Miree said...

Chamber Choir blew my mind.

Quite completely.

Harry Miree

Anonymous said...

As Dr. Coopland said about the "curse" of concert singers, I believe you guys will soon know what the "curse," is like. What an incredible evening. Best of luck in Ireland and thank you for letting us be apart of your concert.

James Thompson
Music Teacher
Oxford Elementary

Jake Richey said...

It is a rare thing for me to walk away from a perfomance with the feeling of true accomplishment...standing on the corner waiting on my ride that night left me wishing I was going with you guys. The concert was just the beginning ladies and gentlemen, the competition will push us to an even higher level than that which we achieved that night...I just want to say thanks from everyone in this choir for EVERYTHING!!! even brian,'ve all meant so much and pushed me to seek out the best that music and life have to offer and I'm truly thankful...I wish you all the very best in Ireland and cannot wait to see you when we come back in the fall...

Anonymous said...

Friday night was truly spectacular. Never have I felt so calm and relaxed about a performance. It was the first time I felt confident that what we were about to do was going to leave a lasting impression on us and our audience and next week is going to be even more special.
We're ready.


Dr. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk said...

Folks, the concert Friday night was outstanding. Your phrasing, your tuning, your differentiation of styles were all wonderful. Thank you for the gift you gave all of us. I also am grateful for the chance to work with you occasionally: it's a real joy for me too. I told Dr. Copeland today that I am jealous he gets to listen to you every day. You are a very special group with a fabulous conductor! Bravi tutti! -Dr. Kris

Katie Mo said...

what I like best about that night you posted in France is all the anxious comments from our fans at home. I can't imagine how incredible it would be if we had the opportunity to host such an event here in the states.

Anonymous said...

I want say that it was an honor to be apart of your concert. You all are awesome and I wish the very best of luck to all of you on your trip. I've heard some great choirs before, but ya'll completely blew me away. I loved every moment of it. Thank you Dr. Copeland for the opportunity for Doc and us to come over and be apart of your awesome choir. Good Luck and God Bless! Hotty Toddy!

Chris St.
OCC Member

Anonymous said...

Dr. Copeland and chior - thank you so much for the opportunity to sing with ya'll at your Spring Concert, we had a wonderful time! You guys sang beautifully and I enjoyed listening to your choirs. Good Lunck in Ireland!!!

Kristin Rogers
Oxford Civic Chorus Member