Sunday, April 06, 2008

Recording sessions and Ireland

I've not scheduled the church or the recording engineer, but I'm headed towards these two dates:

Thursday, April 10, 7-9 pm
Sunday, April 13, 7-9 pm

Please check them out on your schedule and I'll get feedback from you in class tomorrow.

I'll know something from James and the church tomorrow afternoon.

As far as priority, I think I've got to make the recording sessions the most important aspect of what we are doing right now . . . that has the longest term impact of anything that we do. I'm somewhat concerned about how different it will be for the Ireland folks, but we have several days after the Spring concert to solidify music there.

Last week was a great week of rehearsal . . . Tuesday and Thursday were quite superb. I'm pleased with how the music is shaping up for the concert.

Keep it up!


Patrick said...

Are we still at Bluff Park and without air conditioning? I'm pretty sure Blessed Sacrament would be available for us with its exceptional acoustics, but train whistles and the sound of gunshots in the neighborhood are always a concern there.

Harry Miree said...

Since I am not around on Tuesdays...

Know that I will most definitely not be around this Thursday on account of Charlie Brown,

But I will most definitely be around for the Sunday,

And now the word "around" has appeared in each statement on this comment,

See you guys around,

Harry Miree.... Around.