Saturday, April 26, 2008

Very Kind Words

I got this email today and received permission to share it with you. Here's the Christmas recording post he referenced.

Dear Dr Copeland,

Congratulations. You direct one heck of a chorus.

I hope you don't mind that I've downloaded a few of your recordings (even though you probably meant them only for your singers). I first stumbled across them about a year ago, and still have the audio clip of Thompson's "Choose Something Like a Star."

You might have to commit violence against me to make me give it up. It's one of the most insightful performance of the Thompson I've ever heard! That includes four performances that I've sung in with three regional and local symphony choruses over about 20 years, and even the New York Choral Society's commercial recording of the work. Your interpretation has an intensity and conviction that I've *never* heard in any other performance.

The diction is impeccable to boot. Every word is audible.

Minor technical caveat: I only wish the recording didn't cut off so abruptly at the end, before the last note even finishes. I miss that, and the audience's reaction. But that's a minor point.

I'm listening to the Regina Coeli from your recent concert as I type this, and it only boosts my admiration. What a group. What musicianship. Makes me wish I were a student again so I could sing with them.

Carry on, sir. Enjoy each morning's cuppa. And please post information in your blog when your *official* recording is available.

Warm regards,

David Roden
(Member of the Akron Symphony Chorus, Akron OH)


G said...

We have secret admirers! I love that!

Ashley said...

Wow. That's great. That's a great boost of confidence for Ireland! I'm so excited!

Ashley said...

By the way, any chance you could educate me on how to upload videos to a blog? I'm used to livejournal.

Philip L. Copeland said...

For Ashley: upload to YouTube (get an account there first) and then upload from YouTube to the blog. Remind me to show you my new Flip Video Camera.

Harry Miree said...

He's not a secret admirer! He signed his name David Roden of the Akron Symphony Chorus, Akron OH.

I mean,

That's pretty specific for a secret admirer.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool.
Almost slightly stalkerish, but definitely in a good way.

Philip L. Copeland said...

Nah. Not even remotely stalkerish, at least in Copeland terms. I (we) have identified ourselves as a choral program with an online presence. I give presentations on technology for choirs all the time and encourage people to examine my choir blog very closely. Also, the longer you are on the web, the more hits you get on google and other search engines.

Whenever I write or post any recording, I know I am posting to a world's forum. Anything we put online is up for examination.

I invite the scrutiny!