Thursday, April 03, 2008

Martin Creates Incredible Spreadsheet

Taking over a task too large for my little mind, Martin has created an excel spreadsheet that reveals the best times for the Ireland choir to have an extra rehearsal or two.

I've loaded up to my Google Documents and made it available for online viewing here.

Nine people still need to contribute:
Lori Ayler
Ron Baxter
Matthew Cantor
Jeremy Concepcion
Alex Fencanin
Jenny Harmon
Harry Miree
Matthew Russell
Crystal Whatley

Martin has indicated that these are our best times for rehearsal:

THURSDAY, APRIL 10, from 1930 until 2200
SUNDAY, APRIL 13, from 1930 until 2200
MONDAY, APRIL 14, from 2000 until 2200
THURSDAY, APRIL 17, from 1900 until 2200 (we won't use this one)

Thanks for the work, Martin. You are a special guy.

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