Sunday, May 15, 2005

Made it to FINALS in BOTH Categories

You would have been proud of the UAB Choir yesterday. Like champions, they rose to the challenge and stress of the competition and performed extremely well. How well? They made it to the final round in both categories!

Thoughts as they come to me:

  • I found out that we were one of two American choirs out of five that were accepted for admittance to the festival. That in itself is an achievement!
  • We are receiving glowing accolades from the audience: "very spiritual choir" "there is something in the air about your choir" "magnificent" "diverse program--very well rounded" "your choir looks as though they are enjoying themselves" "Are they professionals?"
  • Jerry Jordan, my friend and mentor, tells me that the choir that sings with the most emotion and precision will win. We will try our best to achieve that very ideal today at 2:30 and 4:30. I think that the victory is within our grasp if we sing our best. The students are ready and prepared on the music; we only need to execute what we know to do--and add that extra sparkle and spunk of emotion and energy.
  • The choir is experiencing performances and audiences like they've seen before. In last night's performance of LUX, I could actually hear the audience holding their breath as we sang the most intimate moments of the work on the last page. As a conductor, i've been taught to stretch the audience and their emotions to the breaking point . . . . and i tried to do just that last night. There wasn't a sound in the entire auditorium as the sopranos held their note perfectly until the choir (finally) entered beautifully on the last cadence. It was a moment that I will never forget.
  • The audience went crazy following our performance of I Thank You Jesus; they clapped and screamed loudly following the last note. The students were ecstatic about their singing and many wept as they hugged one another. Very, very special.
This is an incredible experience for our students. In the months leading up to this event I told them that it would be one of the truly exciting events of their lives. I must tell you--I had forgotten just how meaningful the moment actually is. Thank you again for supporting these students. They are a class act, and we hope to continue to make you proud. Thank you for everything you did to make this experience possible for all of us.


Debbie Movelle said...

Warm Greetings!
WELL?!!! Besides perfect, How did ya do? Holding my breath!
Thanks for keeping us posted! First thing I check in the morning is your blog, not aol or ebay!
Thanks for keeping us up to date.
Still kicking myself for not coming along!
Hugs for all...
Katie Mo's Mommy

Chris"s Parents said...

Hello Everyone!
I know you will do wonderful today. We will all be sending up prayers as you sing . Keep us posted and Thank You Dr. Copeland, Dale and everyone there for making this just a great time for all. Be Safe.
High 5"s for all
The Carter"

Anonymous said...

So, we are not surprised at your success. We are so proud of all of you and will be praying for you continually. Love to our adopted children--the UAB Choir. Chareles' Parents

Anonymous said...

Confident that your will be great in the finals today. Thanks Dr. Copeland for bringing this choir to their full potential. You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you sing today.

Clays Dad

Suzanne Scivley said...


We knew you could do ANYTHING! If our math is right, you're about to step up for the second round of the Final Competition. Break a leg!

All our love and prayers,
Mama Sciv and Daddy Sciv

Nick said...

This is like being in the waiting room during delivery...its so exciting and yet nerve racking for us across the pond...I am so excited and I know you guys are doing an amazing/awesome job with the best to all and I am sure you have sung by now so I cant wait to hear the results...peace out

Deborah Beck said...

Our internet has been down all day and we have been dying to know about yesterday. We knew they would sing their very best and sounds as if they did! Congratulations, I can't wait for you to post the next message. Please don't keep us in suspense too long!
Doug and Deborah Beck

Anonymous said...

Tapping foot......waiting...waiting...

Nick said...

this is driving me nuts...I thought I could wait, but knowing it is 1am there means you guys know...and we dont...ahhhhhh...hope it all goes ok...peace out

Anonymous said...

I know...I know...they are all out celebrating their HUGE win till the wee hours of the morning...thats what it is...

Debbie Movelle said...

NO News yet?!!
I have been putting this off for hours.
YOU are torturing US! Please tell us how it went!!!
Hugs all round....
Katie Mo's Mommy

Deborah Beck said...

Dr. Copeland....the suspense is killing us! If anyone hears something before Dr. Copleland post his next message, please send a comment! Thanks

Debbie Movelle said...
That is the link to the Competition.
No news there yet!
We will hear from someone today!